Dr. Jake Childers was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis while still a medical resident. He took a very active role in co-managing his illness with his rheumatologist, becoming an expert in his disease.  Many of his treatment decisions were, in essence, seven-year leading indicators on how early rheumatoid arthritis is currently managed.  This knowledge and his remission inspired him to found n=you  in the belief that other physicians also should have the opportunity to advance disease  understanding while pursuing outlier outcomes.
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n=you gives physicians a new way to add to disease understanding. Providing powerful research tools, disease tracking, and contact with a physician community of colleaguesInterested? Contact Us!

Physician Profile

Your profile is created as you answer intake questions. This takes most physicians approximately 10 minutes. Periodically you will  be asked to update your information and take part in relevant surveys


Deep understanding of each participant allows analysis of outlier outcomes, generating novel insights.

Grand Rounds

Physician-patients can chat with their colleagues about their challenges and insights in Grand Rounds.


Disease metrics are tracked on our flexible platform.


Disease management activity is tracked and correlated with outcomes.

We created n=you for physicians who are managing their own chronic condition

The n=you mission is to improve medical outcomes for patients through the generation of previously unobtainable, novel, and actionable disease management information.
n=you is dedicated to assembling a network of physician experts with a given disease, collecting their information with a proprietary technology platform and providing relevant data output to physicians, to our clients, and ultimately to patients.
  • Scalable and customizeable technology platform
  • An accessible network of motivated experts and the resultant data from their experiences
  • Value-added research (VAR) and testing

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